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Adaptation & Resilience


About our work

Our mission is clear: To build a world that can withstand the impacts and challenges of climate change. Through our strategic initiatives, including the Race to Resilience, Sharm El-Sheikh Adaptation Agenda, and focused efforts on loss and damage, together with our partners, we are driving transformative action, mobilizing resources, and empowering communities. Alongside our work on mitigation, the Climate Champions are forging a path towards a fairer, adaptive, and more resilient world, where people and nature thrive in the face of climate change adversity. Join us in shaping a better world for generations to come.

Understand our journey in creating a resilient world where people are equipped to not just endure climate shocks, but thrive despite them. The Race to Resilience is about championing transformation, driving investment, and cultivating resilience at the community level.

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Sharm el Sheikh Adaptation Agenda

Discover our vision for urgent global action on adaptation and resilience. The SAA outlines 30 global adaptation outcome targets by 2030, addressing key impact systems from food and agriculture to human settlements and infrastructure. Learn about this game-changing agenda and how it inspires state and Non-Party adaptation agendas worldwide.

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Losses & Damages

Climate change is causing losses and damages to people and the planet everywhere. These are escalating and hitting  the most vulnerable the hardest and who have not caused the problem. We are working with Non-Party Stakeholders to share their solutions to comprehensively address these losses. Learn about our approach to acknowledging all forms of loss, scaling actions, mobilizing finance, and accelerating enabling conditions

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